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Best Cannabis Seeds and Clones to Grow

5 Best Cannabis Seeds and Clones to Grow in 2023

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1. Blue Dream:

Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is perfect for beginner growers. It is a hardy plant that can tolerate temperature swings and is resistant to most pests and diseases. The buds are large and dense, with a sweet blueberry aroma. Blue Dream is a high-yielding strain that can produce up to 500 grams per plant. The CBD content is relatively low, making this an ideal strain for those who want to experience the psychoactive effects of THC.

2. Stardawg: 

Stardawg is a hybrid that leans slightly towards the sativa side. It is a vigorous plant that grows tall and produces large yields. The buds are sticky and resinous, with a pungent diesel aroma. Stardawg is known for its high THC content, which can reach up to 24%. However, let's be realists - to reach  these levels you need to have excellent growing conditions and knowledge. 

3. Gorilla Glue #4:

Gorilla Glue #4 is an evenly balanced award-winning hybrid strain that originates from Colorado. It is a hardy plant that can withstand cold temperatures and high winds. The buds are large, sticky, and covered in trichomes. Gorilla Glue #4 has a strong earthy and sour aromas with hints of chocolate and coffee. The THC content of this strain ranges from 18-25%. 

What's the deal with Glue? This strain glues you to the couch. Hence the name.

4. Girl Scout Cookies: 

Girl Scout Cookies is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that was developed in California. It is a short and stocky plant that produces large yields of dense buds. The buds have a sweet cookie flavor with earthy undertones. Girl Scout Cookies has an average THC content of 18%. 

You can get even better result with this strain by forcing flowering at an early stage with Sea Of Green method. To achieve this, growers typically start with a large number of clones or seedlings, which are then placed close together in a grow room. Once the plants have reached a certain size, they are then subjected to a strict light regime that encourages flowering. This method can be used with natural or artificial light, but it is particularly effective with LEDs. You may also use natural growth promoters such as iGrow Alaga, iGrow M5, and iGrow V to further encourage early flowering. When done correctly, the Sea of Green method can result in a large harvest of high-quality flowers.

5. Grandaddy Purple:

Grandaddy Purple is an indica-dominant strain that was developed in California in 2003. This is one of the most prized medical strains available today.

It is a short and bushy plant that produces dense purple buds covered in trichomes. Grandaddy Purple has an earthy grape flavor with hints of sweetness. Its THC content ranges from 15-23%. 

This strain prefers indoor growing, however  under the right conditions it can also be grown outdoors. When grown indoors, Grandaddy Purple typically reaches a height of 3-4 feet. When grown outdoors, it can reach a height of up to 6 feet. 

By utilizing high stress training, experienced growers are able to get outstanding results from Grandaddy Purple. If you decide to go this route, try super-cropping during the vegetative stage.  This involves sqeezig and bending the stems to force them to grow sideways. This will result in a larger number of buds, as well as an increase in trichome production.

So, to summarize:

These are five of the best cannabis strains to grow in 2023. Each strain has its own unique set of benefits that make it well-suited for different growing conditions. Blue Dream is perfect for beginner growers, while Stardawg thrives in colder climates. Gorilla Glue #4 is known for its high THC content, while Girl Scout Cookies produces large yields of sweet-smelling buds. Finally, Grandaddy Purple is perfect for those looking for an indica-dominant strain with high THC levels. 

No matter what your growing conditions are, there's sure to be a perfect cannabis strain for you!

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