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Foliar feeding

Want to give your plants a helping hand? With our foliar fertilizer, it's easy. Designed for fast absorption, our range of foliar feeding products is the perfect way to top up your plants' health — whether they need some extra TLC or are lacking a particular nutrient.

Foliar feeding is the act of applying liquid fertilizer directly onto a plant's leaves, unlike conventional options where you apply to the soil so that your plants can absorb it through their roots. Instead, spray it directly onto your foliage. The stomata on the leaves and stems will absorb the nutrients quickly, resulting in stronger crops and bigger yields. This makes foliar fertilizer a rich plant growth stimulant, ideal for lush flowers and commercial fruit trees.

At iGrow, you'll find a variety of liquid fertilizer products for foliar feeding. Our micronutrient fertilizer is a quick and easy way to tackle nutrient deficiencies in your crops. Certain nutrients, such as boron, are relatively immobile once they enter your plants. That means spraying boron fertilizer onto your soil will only go so far. It may get to the root of your plants, but it won't get to the root of your problem (slow growth or meager yields)

With foliar boron fertilizer, you can give your plants the nutrients they need, precisely where they need them. Alternatively, our biostimulants and plant aid products will optimize your crop's ability to use the nutrients already in the soil. Instead of wasting money on extra fertilizer that isn't doing the job, simply spray our liquid fertilizer to speed up the growing process and see results quickly.

Are you ready to target the root cause of problem plants? For a thriving crop, shop our range of foliar fertilizer products at iGrow today!

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