You can find and download detailed instructions for each product from our catalog. To do this, go to the catalog, select the product you are interested in, open the tab called "Attachment". There you will find PDF files available for download.

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Our recommendations have been developed for professional applications based on data obtained in field tests. Thus, recommended rates are stated per tonne of seeds and per hectare of crop production area.

The recommended amount for foliar treatment should be administered in a working solution applied at the rate of 200–300 l/ha. The amount of fertilizer need not be changed when using low-volume and ultra-low-volume spraying techniques.

If your requirements are lower, just reduce the recommended amount by an appropriate percentage. For example, if your foliar application calls for 200 grams of our fertilizer per hectare of your tomato plants, then the per-acre equivalent will be as low as 80 grams, dissolved to produce 120 liters of working solution.

This practice also applies to drip irrigation. For example, if your tomato plants require 4 kilograms of our fertilizer per hectare during the flowering stage, then the per-acre equivalent will be as low as 1.6 kg, dissolved to produce the required amount of working solution.

A standard application schedule will include four applications per season, depending on the vegetation timing and crop production techniques used.

The break between applications is 2 weeks.

If the product is supplied via drip irrigation, it should be added towards the end of the irrigation cycle, when only 15 % of the initial amount of water is left, to make sure the solution concentration does not decrease.

After use, the system should be flushed with clean water.

When using foliar feeding, we recommend adding our formulations directly to the tank mix. All our products are perfectly combined with most mineral and organic fertilizers, as well as with plant protection products.

For seed treatment applications, the consumption rate is 10 liters of working solution per 1 tonne. If you have a lesser quantity of seeds, please refer to the working solution concentrations recommended for particular seed treatment.


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