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Multinutrient fertilizers

Our range of water-soluble plant fertilizer products includes organic micronutrients that are proven to fight nutrient deficiency and to promote healthy growth. If you're looking to buy a fertilizer containing essential trace elements and active organic substance for plants, consider our wonderful range of micronutrient fertilizers.

Organic Mineral Fertilizers

Keep your fertilizer organic with our selection of natural plant products. Our liquid fertilizers contain essential nutrients for plants that help seeds grow and promote steady, healthy growth in mature plants.

Whether you're looking for nutrients for flowering plants such as a bloom booster or to buy fertilizer in bulk, make sure you get your plants the plant micronutrients fertilizer they deserve by checking out our offering below.

Fertilizers with Components of Auxin and Gibberellin Activity

Auxin and gibberellin are naturally occurring micronutrients for plant growth, promoting stem growth and aiding with photosynthesis. These natural biostimulants for plants are key agents in our plant micronutrients fertilizer range and provide unparalleled results.

Whether you need fertilizer for seedlings or organic fertilizer for plants, choose from our range of liquid organic multi-nutrient fertilizers to help your plants grow strong and tall. If you've been searching for the best fertilizer for growing, you can't do better than one fortified with active components of auxin and gibberellin. Buy plant nutrients and liquid fertilizers from our range today.

Humic and Fulvic Fertilizers

Humic and fulvic acids are perfect for fertilizer for seedlings, as they help your young plants to absorb and process water. Check out our range of humic based fertilizers for growing seedlings and give your charges the best possible start in life.

Our organic mineral range also contains the perfect liquid fertilizers for growing beautiful blooms. Our bloom booster helps to provide essential nutrients to ensure that petals are full and healthy-looking. Organic micronutrients in the fertilizer contribute towards healthy stem growth and make the humic route one of our favorite organic fertilizers for plants.

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