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Plant biostimulants

Wanting to give your plants a helpful boost? Look no further. Our range of plant growth stimulants is an awesome way to give your plants a leg up with biostimulants. We offer a wide range of fertilizer options for a variety of plant types, including liquid fertilizer, boron fertilizer, foliar fertilizer, and multi-nutrient fertilizer

Biostimulants are substances that stimulate the natural growing process of plants. These bloom booster solutions enhance nutrient uptake, tolerance to stress, and crop quality. Rather than stimulate growth and resilience through external forces, biostimulants encourage the plant's natural biochemical processes.

Our fertilizers contains complex organic matter of fulvic and humic acids along with components of auxin and gibberellin activity. All of our plant aid products are compatible with all types of fertilizer, making them the perfect addition to your plant care lineup.

Our biostimulant products can help your crops better tolerate diseases and biotic or abiotic stressors as well as produce a bigger batter yield. They do this by boosting the efficiency of the crops' nutrient and water use as well as accelerating root structure and growth. They also make the plants systemically more resistant to the most common pests and diseases, helping them stay strong and healthy despite their many threats.

Some additional benefits include:

  • Stabilize the plant ecosystem's ecological function
  • Prevent soil degradation
  • Increase tolerance to salinity and drought
  • Don't alter the genetic makeup of plants
  • Prevent CO2 loss

Shop now and discover a variety of plant growth stimulants to help your crops thrive. Together with your fertilizers, the addition of a biostimulant will help your crops tap into their natural biochemical processes and produce incredible results.

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