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iGrow B 5L: Fertilizer for Organic Farming, Bud Protection, Prevents Flowers Drop


(€8.00 per litre)

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iGrow B is an innovative fertilizer specially developed to prevent bud drop and barren flowers, while ensuring immediate availability of boron without the risk of unwanted toxic reactions.

  • Prevents bud and flower drop
  • Rich in fulvic and humic acid
  • Increases the concentration of protein, sugars, starch, vitamins and oils in seeds
  • Certified for organic farming

Long-term use of iGrow B has shown an increase in the concentration of nutrients in the seeds. This product is suitable for application to leaves with a recommended dose of 25 ml per 10 liters of water. This makes iGrow B an easy and effective solution for your plants, giving them what they really need.

Detailed instructions for use can be found in the attachment.

iGrow B 5L:


(€8.00 per litre)

Delivered within 3-7 days
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iGrow B: Protection of Buds and Flowers with the Power of Nature

The problem of bud drop and barren flowers is common in vegetable and fruit crops. Are you a producer of cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini or an orchardist growing fruit trees? Get to know iGrow B - an ecological fertilizer that will not only nourish your plants, but also protect them against one of the greatest threats to their health and yield.


Bud drop and flower infertility are a problem that affects many crops, such as cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini and fruit trees. Without proper protection, your plants may lose their flowers and buds before they have a chance to fully develop.


This is where iGrow B comes in. Our organic fertilizer is rich in fulvic and humic acid, which provide plants with immediate availability of boron while preventing unwanted toxic effects. Long-term use of iGrow B has been confirmed to increase the concentration of protein, sugar, starch, vitamins and oil in the seeds.


  • Prevents Bud Drop: iGrow B protects plant buds by preventing them from falling prematurely. Thanks to this, your plants have a chance to fully develop and produce abundant harvests.
  • Prevents Flower Sterility: Our fertilizer helps ensure that your flowers remain healthy and fertile. Thanks to this, you will be able to enjoy their beauty and abundance for a longer time.
  • Recommended Use: The product is suitable for foliar application. The recommended dose is 25 ml per 10 L of water. This is an easy and effective way to provide your plants with everything they need for healthy growth. Detailed recommendations on the use of iGrow B can be found in the downloadable file.

Choose iGrow B - for the protection, health and strength of your plants!

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