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AMINATOR powder box 1000g


AMINATOR contains a mixture of humic substances and highly concentrated mixture of vegetable origin amino acids. AMINATOR has a favourable and complex impact on plants (stimulates development of roots, has positive impact on the photosynthesis process, stimulates growth).

Moreover, it has a drought, cold, salting stress mitigating effects and it stimulates plant immunity to diseases) increasing so yield and crop quality. It does work as basic fertiliser substitute.


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AMINATOR is an advanced simulation preparation based on pure amino acids (totally 20% of free amino acids), content of humic and fulvic acids in the form of pure concentrated potassium humic and fulvic acids with natural content of 3 % of organic sulphur in dry matter and original HPCA and added micro elements bonded to chelates). AMINATOR supplies all 18 amino acids vital for plants. Important is the content of organic nitrogen that is approx. 17 % (at least 5%). The ratio of humic, fulvic acids and amino acids is set to be optimal.

AMINATOR is powder, dark brown fully soluble preparation.

Chemical and physical properties: 

  • Minimum content of total nitrogen in dry matter in % 8.0 
  • Maximum humidity in % 10.0
  • Minimum content of total free amino acids in dry matter in % 20.0
  • Minimum content of total amino acids in dry matter in % 25.0
  • Maximum content of salts in dry matter in % 25.0
  • Minimum content of fulvic acids in dry matter in % 25.0
  • pH value 4 – 7


  • Asp (7.7%), Glu (15.5%), Arg (6.9%), Cys (1.6%), Gly (4.9%), Ile (3.7%), His (1.7%), Leu (3.8%), Lys (6.3%), Met (2.8%), Phe (3.7%), Pro (9%), Ser (10.7%), Tyr (2.8%), Thr (7.5%), Val (6.6%)

AMINATOR and amino acids contained in it feature direct or indirect source of nitrogen for the synthesis of all vegetable metabolites. Important is the follow up synthesis of protein and non-protein amino acids, enzymes, proteins, nucleic acids and carbohydrates including chlorophyll.

AMINATOR supplies readily available energy and building materials to plants both in the form of amino acids and macro elements (N , K, S) and micro elements that trigger formation of own enzymes in the plant as well as proteins necessary for instance in stressing situations and own phytohormones. Humic and fulvic acids work as a fast active carrier of amino acids and nutrients to leaves and they support distribution of such bio-active substances to plant tissues. 

The synergy effect of humic, fulvic and amino acids significatly stimulates formation of capillary root system. What takes place in the tips of capillary roots is synthesis of phytohormones cytokinines that reduce the apical dominance of the main top (stem, blade, main branches) and they "keep" plants in the vegetative growth phase for longer time "directed to the root" instead of swift start of the generative growth phase that occurs in stress situations (drought, wetting, hail,...). ) Cytokinines then support formation of above ground plant mass. This ways developed rich root system improves absorption of moisture, water and supplied nutrients.

AMINATOR has a natural adhesive and wetting effect. 

AMINATOR provides for the recovery of growths damaged by herbicides, hail and frost and it stimulates plant immunity to stress. It improves the photosynthesis performance. It improves growth of flowers, fruit and seed and plant health condition. 

CELWANI is a source of fast nutrient supply including macro elements in the form of organic carbon, nitrogen, sulphur and micro elements  useful for instance at the time when plant needs are elevated (intensive growth period, fruit growth period, stressing periods).

Amino acids (Glu, Cys, Gly ) bind and deactivate a number of endogenous toxins and exogenous heterogeneous substances, for instance xenobiotics, e.g. herbicides.

Amino acids contained in AMINATOR significantly support absorption and transmission of N within the plant.

It contains a high percentage of the amino acid glutamine. This amino acid is integrated in plants into proteins and it is one of basic transport and stock forms of nitrogen in the plant (potato tubers, beet roots, vegetables ...) and supplies amino acid group substances for other substances such as chlorophyll and cytochromes. 

As well, the amino acid asparagin is a basic nitrogen transport form in plants.

Application scope and methods: 

AMINATOR offers ample applications and it is designated for the stimulation of the growth of field crop, forest cultures, fruit and special plants throughout the vegetation period starting from the support of formation of roots, growth of leaves through the main vegetation period to ten blossoming and fruit growth period.

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