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Lignohumat MAX 1litre


Lignohumate MAX is the most concentrated product of its type on the market - 20% content of humic substances. Lignohumate MAX is characterized by an increased content of fulvic acids and the content of basic microelements in chelated form.

Lignohumate MAX is, like other Lignohumates, a highly concentrated aqueous solution of pure humic substances obtained by conversion of high-quality technical lignosulfonates. It is a mixture of salts of humic acids and a complex of low-molecular, highly biologically active low-molecular particles.

Lignohumat MAX

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The AMAGRO company guarantees at least 50% of rare fulvic acids and other low molecular weight parts of the humic spectrum. In fact, Lignohumate MAX contains more than 60% fulvic acids in most batches. Lignohumate MAX is a brown-black liquid that has a beneficial and complex effect on plants (increases the activity of the photosystem and chlorophyll formation, increases the use of nutrients contained in the soil, improves supplementary nutrition by the leaf, supports the development of the root system, the plant is more resistant to stress, improves the health of the plant and increases resistance to disease, helps increase yields and quality of harvest).

Lignohumate MAX is applied primarily foliarly. Furthermore, it can also be used for root applications for field crops, seed dressing, soaking of seedlings (for potatoes and other crops), soaking and watering of seedlings (for vineyards, fruit trees, etc.).

We recommend applying Lignohumate together with fertilizers, foliar fertilizers or chemical plant protection products (except for herbicides, where separate application of Lignohumate MAX is recommended at least 3 days after application of the herbicide.

Chemical and physical properties:

  • Humidity in% max .: 80.0
  • Combustible substances in dry matter in% min. 75.0
  • Content of humic substances in dry matter in% min. 60.0
  • Total sulfur as "S" in dry matter in% min. 3.0
  • PH value 9.0 - 10.0
  • Impurities on nets 0.5 mm in% max. 0.5
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