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Vitalic 1 litre


VITALIC is a plant stimulator in the form of a water-miscible liquid concentrate, designed to increase the yield and quality of plant production.

Vitalic 1 litre

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VITALIC  has a positive effect on the movement of plasma in plant cells, into which it penetrates also due to the presence of salts of humic acids and fulvic acids contained in Lignohumate. The potassium complex of these substances (potassium nitrophenolates and Lignohumate) is manifested by better rooting, improved nutrient uptake and intensified plant growth. Application before flowering fundamentally affects the germination of pollen grains, it has a positive effect on the fruit, seeds and their better ripening. The product Vitalic helps plants to overcome stress, for example. Overdose of pesticides, frost damage, mechanical damage, etc..

Chemical and physical properties:

Ingredients: value gr./litr hectare dose

Potassium 4-nitrophenolate: 0.225%, 2.25 g/l 0.9 gr./ha

Potassium 2-nitrophenolate: 0.150%, 1.50 g/l

Potassium 5-nitroguaiacolate: 0.075%, 0.75 g/l 0.3 gr./ha

Potassium lignohumate: 15.00%, 150.00 g/l

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