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Ligno AKTIVATOR solution 1 litre


Ligno AKTIVATOR solution is a liquid homogeneous mixture of humic substances and brown seaweed extract. Ligno AKTIVATOR solution has a beneficial and complex effect on plants (stimulates rooting, has a positive effect on the course of photosynthesis, stimulates growth). In addition, this product has an anti-stress effect on drought, cold, salinity and other factors, helping to increase yields and harvest quality. Ligno AKTIVÁTOR solution significantly supports the formation of lateral root hairs and induces the formation of lateral branches. It does not contain an effective amount of nutrients, it does not replace basic fertilization.


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Humic substances are represented in the product Ligno AKTIVÁTOR solution by the already registered Lignohumate A potassium, which is a preparation obtained by the technology of oxygenated conversion of technical lignosulfonates with a predominance of fulvic acids.

The second component of Ligno AKTIVATOR u solution is a seaweed extract of the genus Ascophyllum nodosum . Thus, in addition to humic substances, the product also contains a number of natural amino acids, oligopeptides and auxins contained in seaweed. Our company uses exclusively raw material from Acadian Agritech, Canada.   Ligno AKTIVATOR solutionsupports the formation of fine root hair. As a result, it increases the use of moisture and supplied nutrition. Regenerates crops after herbicide damage, hail and frost and increases plant resistance to stress. Increases photosynthesis performance.  

Ligno AKTIVATOR solution is widely used and is designed to support the growth of field crops, forest crops, fruit and special crops during the entire vegetation period, supporting the formation of roots, leaf growth, through the main growth period to flowering and fruit growth. 

Physical and chemical properties:

  • humidity max. 85%
  • combustible substances in dry matter min. 55%
  • content of humic substances in dry matter min. 7%
  • pH value 6.5-9.8

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Ligno Aktivator use rates and description

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