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Ligno SUPER NPK 1 litre


Ligno SUPER NPK is a complex humatized NPK fertilizer, which contains in addition to basic nutrients (N, P, K) trace elements in chelated form - boron, molybdenum, copper, iron, manganese, zinc.

Ligno SUPER NPK fertilizer was awarded a gold medal in 2010 at the international agrosalon Země Živitelka.


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The complex product Ligno SUPER NPK contains 2% of Lignohumate®. Nitrogen is present in nitrate, ammonium and urea forms. Alumina is the standard of AMAGRO™ - the active ingredient Lignohumate and is therefore in the form of humic and fulvic acids and their potassium salts, where fulvic acids predominate.

The advantage of the fertilizer is also a very low chloride content. The characteristics show that Ligno SUPER NPK is not only on our market the only complex humatized fertilizer with the addition of bioactive substances in the form of Lignohumate. Lignohumate plays an important role here as a carrier of nutrients, microelements and phytohormones.

Chemical and physical properties:

  • Total nitrogen as "N" (in%) 7.5
  • - of which nitrate nitrogen 2.5
  • - of which ammonium nitrogen 3.0
  • - of which urea nitrogen 2.0
  • Water-soluble phosphate such as P2O5 8.0
  • Water-soluble potassium as K2O 6.0
  • Humic substances min. (in%) 1.5

Scope and method of use:

Ligno SUPER NPK is suitable for root and leaf nutrition of field crops, ornamental plants, vegetables, fruit trees and vines and other crops.

Ornamental plants For fertilization, a fertilizer with a concentration of 0.05 - 0.4% is used, depending on the type and age of the culture. For plants with soft, fine leaves and for younger plants, the application of a fertilizer with a lower concentration is recommended

Gardens, balconies For fertilization of all types of garden and for regular fertilization of balcony and houseplants, we use a fertilizer with a concentration of 0.2% once every 1-2 weeks.

Hydroponics In hydroponic plant cultivation, we recommend using a nutrient solution with a concentration of 0.005% for young plants and salt-sensitive cultures, 0.1-0.2% for older and more resistant plants.

Greenhouses When growing vegetables, we use a fertilizer with a concentration of 0.2% for root or leaf nutrition of plants in the young and pre-harvest stage. For plants growing in greenhouses permanently, it is recommended to use a fertilizer with a concentration of 0.1% for foliar fertilization and 0.2% for older plants. If we grow plants in pots, we use a fertilizer with a concentration of 0.05 - 0.1% in the early stages, and 0.2% in the older stages, depending on the sensitivity and stage of development of the plant.

Field vegetables:

Cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers dose 5 l / ha, treatment 2x before flowering and 3-4x at intervals of 14 days

Carrot vegetables, salad treatment 4 times, for the first time after planting, then in about 10 daily intervals, concentration 0.1 - 0.2%

Carrot up to 6 treatments recommended at two-week intervals, dose 5 ml / 10m2

Field crops the product can be used together with common pesticides at a rate of 2-5 l / ha

Potatoes dose 50 ml / 100m2, treatment 2x before flowering, 3-4x after flowering, interval approx. 3 weeks

Maize it is treated 4 times, first at a plant height of 15-25 cm, then at two-week intervals, dose 50 ml / 100m2

Melons, onions it is treated 4 times, for the first time a month after emergence, then at two-week intervals, dose 50 ml / 100 m2

On ornamental plants , Ligno SUPER NPK is used in a concentration of 0.05 - 0.4% depending on the species and age of the culture.

For plants with soft, fine leaves and for younger plants, the lower limit of the recommended concentration is used. The product does not leave stains on plants.

In fruit trees and vines , Ligno SUPER NPK can be used simultaneously with treatment with common pesticides, concentration 0.3%.

Сonversion of fertilizer dosage for working solution:

0.05% - 5 ml. fertilizer / 10 liters H2O

0.1% - 10 ml. fertilizer / 10 liters H2O

0.2% - 20 ml. fertilizer / 10 liters H2O

Ligno Super NPK sales sheet

Ligno Super NPK Use rates and description

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